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Garage Storage Shelves in Phoenix, AZ

Are you looking for durable and versatile garage storage shelves in Phoenix, AZ? At Affordable Ceiling Storage Racks, we can help you transform your garage into an efficient and organized space by installing garage storage shelves and overhead units. For the past ten years, our garage storage specialists have created the best garage shelving systems in the marketplace. Our innovative and practical shelving units are fully customized to suit your storage needs. If you are interested in learning more about our garage storage shelves and units, then please do not hesitate to reach out. Our staff is professionally trained to assist you throughout the entire design and installation process. We will build custom garage storage shelving systems that store all of your items and get your car back in the garage. Call today to book an appointment with our team.

Garage Shelving Units - Heavy Duty Steel Shelves

Custom Installations

An all-inclusive storage solution, our garage storage shelves help you increase the storage space in your home, eliminate the need for costly storage units and increase the value of your home. We will work with you to determine the best custom storage options for all of the items in your garage. For the past decade, our custom installations have made us one of the top authorities on overhead garage storage solutions. Here are two of our most popular shelving options for residents of Phoenix, AZ and the surrounding areas. 

Heavy-Duty Shelving Units

Our heavy-duty shelving units are more durable and affordable than typical garage cabinets. Each shelf is mounted directly to the studs in your wall and has a floor support every 8’.

An average-sized man can easily climb up these shelving units. They can support an enormous amount of weight and are installed in 8’ sections, up to 2’ deep-set to any height on the wall. These shelves are 100% framed in galvanized steel with a powder-coated steel grid and have a 1-1/4” Lip around all sides.

Wall-Mounted Wire Shelving

Here by popular demand, wall-mounted wire shelving is our newest option to help keep you within your desired budget. They are made of steel powder coated wire shelves that are supported underneath with 13-gauge galvanized steel brackets. These shelves are not completely framed in like our heavy-duty shelving and do not have any Lip. The steel powder coated grid is lock nut bolted to the wall supports.

Our wall-mounted wire shelving is a great add on for some lighter objects that you may want quick access to. It also gives you the ability to have a lot of narrow shelving at a much lower cost. We can make these in ANY size. However, they can only be installed in a wood-framed wall at this time.

Garage Storage Shelving Pricing

At Affordable Ceiling Storage Racks, we pride ourselves on offering expert garage shelving services at an attainable and affordable price. The overwhelming majority of our customers are amazed at the quality and price point of our products. This is one of many reasons why we have consistently received great customer reviews over the past decade. Please review the following information about the price of our garage storage shelving.

All Prices Include FREE! Professional Installation

Heavy-Duty Shelving Units

We can make ANY size shelf in increments of 1"
  • $149 Per 2ft X 8ft shelf, can be stacked/spaced at anything by the 1”
  • $89 per 2ft x 4ft shelf,  can be stacked/spaced at anything by the 1”
  • Must be wall-mounted with floor posts and wall brackets
  • Custom sizes available to fit any space
  • Fully framed shelving
  • 1.5” Lip around all edges

Light Duty Wall-Mounted Wire Shelving

  • 2’ X 8’ - $129 + tax
  • No outer framing
  • Triangle wall-mounted support brackets
  • Same protected Steel
  • Light Duty Wire Shelf
We can make ANY size steel shelving in 1" increments right on the spot!

$3 Credit Card Processing fee per shelf. Cash or check preferred.

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When We Say Heavy Duty We Mean It!

Steel Garage Shelving With a Lifetime Warranty!

If you are looking for versatile and super-strong shelving options, then our steel garage shelving will help you maximize the overhead storage potential of your garage. The steel shelving units at Affordable Ceiling Storage Racks are custom-designed to fit your space and your budget and will help you keep your items off of the garage floor. We have installed over 20,000 garage storage shelves in the Phoenix Valley and achieved consistent growth each year. The primary characteristics of our steel garage shelving include:
  • Made of steel powder-coated racks and framed with 13-gauge galvanized steel
  • Guaranteed to never rust!
  • All parts are bolted together with an all-metal lock nut that will never break, loosen or rot
  • Manufactured with Made in the USA Steel
  • Lifetime warranty on all products and workmanship
  • Our Heavy-Duty shelving units can hold over 2000 pounds
To learn more about our steel shelving units, please do not hesitate to reach out. Our garage storage experts will happily speak to you over the phone and help you schedule an initial appointment. Call today to learn how our steel garage shelves will satisfy your demands for garage storage enhancement.

Heavy-Duty Garage Shelving Installation Made Simple

Our shelving experts do all the prep work before installation, including making brackets, rounding edges on support pieces and cutting common sizes that are used during the installation. We keep it simple and focus only on ceiling racks and shelves that are made with the same material and nuts and bolts.

Our simplified process makes your heavy-duty garage shelving installation quick, affordable and headache-free for everyone involved. The products we provide are the easiest way to add extra space in your garage and protect your heavier items from unnecessary wear and tear.

If you are in need of custom garage storage shelves, then we offer complete customization on-site. At Affordable Ceiling Storage Racks, there is no need to special order or delay the project. We will complete your installation on the day we arrive. Contact us today to receive garage storage shelves in Phoenix, AZ and the surrounding areas that improve your garage storage and organizational needs.

We Provide Professional Quotes and Installation on the Same Day!

Our garage storage specialists know from both personal and professional experience that most garages do not come fully equipped with well thought out storage space. Affordable Ceiling Storage Racks will work with you to build and install a garage shelving system that increases the amount of vertical space in your garage. If you call or send us a message, then we will help you set up an appointment that fits into your schedule.

During your appointment with our team, we will offer you our professional recommendations and provide you with options based on your goals for your storage space. After deciding what type of storage you want, we can install your garage storage shelves on the same day. Our team can make any shape or size right on the spot! Some shelving units that require an added amount of time and preparation may need to be scheduled at a later date.

Experience Matters When It Comes to Garage Shelving Units

When searching for a garage shelving company, most people are looking for experienced professionals that build garage shelving units at an affordable price without sacrificing quality. Kevin Reid, founder of Affordable Ceiling Storage Racks, has spent most of his working life in construction, eventually working with cabinetry and garage ceiling shelves in 2001 where he installed factory-made ceiling racks in garages.

When installing factory-made garage shelving units, Kevin began to realize there was a better way to build garage shelving units that are high-quality and priced competitively. To date, Affordable Ceiling Storage Racks has installed over 20,000 garage shelving units in the Phoenix Valley. It may seem simple from the outside looking in, but our design and the way we do things has continually evolved and improved because of Kevin’s commitment to being the best.

If you are interested in receiving competent and experienced service from the professionals at Affordable Ceiling Storage Racks, then please do not hesitate to reach out. We will do our very best to install our products as quickly as possible and help you maximize the amount of storage space in your garage. Call today to book an initial appointment with a garage shelving expert.

Garage Shelving Systems Built On-Site

At Affordable Ceiling Storage Racks, our garage shelving systems are built on-site and designed to meet your garage storage needs. Need customization? No problem! Our installers have the training and equipment needed to customize on-site without the need to special order and delay the project. In one day, we will change the entire appearance of your garage and give you the ability to store your heaviest belongings in a compact and efficient manner.

If you have ever thought about having garage shelving systems installed in your garage, then now is your chance! Feel free to give us a call and book an initial appointment with our team. You could be well on your way to having one of the best garage shelving systems in the industry installed in your home. All of our garage shelving systems come with a lifetime warranty, so you never need to worry if you run into any problems with your shelving units. We will address the problem quickly and provide you with the ultimate customer service experience.

Garage Shelving Systems Near Phoenix, AZ

If you are looking to conquer the clutter in your garage, then Affordable Ceiling Storage Racks is the garage organization company for you. We offer the best garage shelving systems near Phoenix, AZ and can customize on-site without the need to special order and delay the project. A family-owned and operated business, we have been serving the Phoenix Valley including Maricopa and Florence, AZ since 2011. In addition to our years of experience building and installing garage shelving systems, you should hire us for the following reasons.

Contact us today to experience the expert craftsmanship and support from our dedicated and professional staff. You have the opportunity to receive one of the best wall-mounted organization systems in the marketplace. Call today at (480) 452-5418 to receive our world-class customer service, and move your cars back to where they belong today!

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Remember all those times that you said you didn’t have time to organize your garage?

Now is a perfect time and Affordable Ceiling Storage Racks can help!

Utilizing the wasted space above your head, our overhead garage storage racks are the perfect way to store all of your items and free up your garage floor!

From seasonal décor to outdoor furniture and camping gear, our garage shelving units will help you take the “B” out of boredom by providing you a tool to easily organize your garage.

Contact Affordable Ceiling Storage Racks in Phoenix, AZ to learn more about our overhead storage racks at (480) 452-5418.

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This company came to install garage racks on my new build in Mesa yesterday morning. They look fantastic. They were very punctual, and were quick to respond when I had any questions beforehand. They went over various options with me and were patient while I called my husband at work to make sure I was making the right choice. We love that we are now able to utilize space that was wasted prior. The work was done in a timely manner and with great care to detail. Great pricing as well!

- Michelle L.

Had multiple rack installed and very happy. Looking for overhead garage storage, look no more, this is the place. They arrived on time and build on site, installer did a great job and cleaned up everything. Price was very good based on the quality and service you get. Highly recommend these folks.

- Tom B.

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