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Things you should and shouldn’t Store in your Garage

Box of miscellaneous items stored in a garageGarages are a great place to securely store your car. Of course, it can also serve as a space to store items that don’t command the controlled environment of your home and for some, it’s a space to spend a lot of time working on projects and crafts.

Regardless of how you utilize your garage space, storing certain items can pose a danger to your family’s health and safety while other items, not so much.

What not to Store in your Garage

Out of sight, out of mind is typically how a lot of things end up in your garage.

From seasonal décor to outdoor furniture, camping gear, outdated electronics, and paint, if it doesn’t belong inside your home it must be safe to store in the garage, right? Not so fast.

Although a garage is a great place to store a lot of items that are frequently or occasionally used, you may want to take inventory to prevent creating a hazardous or unhealthy environment.
  • Paper Products

    Although seemingly harmless, storing paper products such as important tax items, old documents and books are an invitation to pesky mice and chewing insects like termites.

    Even if the documents escape the vermin, the excessive temperatures in your garage can cause documents and books to curl, crack and overall deteriorate.
  • Fresh Food

    Okay, so maybe you feel like your garage is clean enough to store fresh food such as birdseed, dog food or canned goods. The fact is your garage is unsuitable for storing food.

    The USDA recommends storing canned foods in a cool, dry location. Damp garages could cause tin cans to rust and hot garages that exceed 85 degrees can increase the risk of spoiled food.

    Fido's food, well we are pretty sure if the temperature fluctuations don't cause it to go bad, the rodents will quickly find it.

    If you’re storing food in your garage perhaps it’s time to reorganize your pantry.
  • Propane Tanks

    Propane tanks are great for firing up the Barbie and enjoying a cookout with family and friends. If you store that tank in your garage you should seriously reconsider. Propane can be flammable when mixed with air. It can be ignited by several sources including smoking materials, electrical sparks and static electricity.

    Propane tanks should be stored in a dry, well-ventilated area such as a garden shed.
  • Electronics

    The high humidity levels found in a typical garage are a disaster in the waiting for electronics as they run the risk of damage to their internal printed circuit boards.

    Of course, if the humidity doesn’t zap the life out of them, they might fall prey to tiny insects that can find their way inside and damage components.

    When it comes to outdated electronics, it’s best to donate rather than store in your garage.
  • Paint

    Leftover Paint should be stored in a cool, dry location. Although storing paint in a garage is typical in most homes, the extreme dry heat in Arizona can actually cause the evaporation of critical chemicals in the paint altering consistency and color. More importantly, paint and thinners are combustible.

    With a flashpoint at or above 100º degrees storing paint in your garage is a fire hazard.

What things can I Safely Store in my Garage?

A well-organized garage offers a multitude of storage opportunities and convenient access to your most commonly used items.

When deciding what you should store, keep in mind that they will be exposed to varying temperatures, moisture, sunlight, and rodents.
  • Seasonal items

    Holidays come and go and when they are over storing your holiday decorations in your garage is the perfect place for Santa, the Easter Bunny and your spooky characters. Putting them in storage containers will keep them safe from water absorption and damage.
  • Bicycles

    Storing bikes in the garage just makes sense. Not only are they easily accessible, with the help of bike hooks you can keep them off the floor and out of the way.
  • Tools

    Tools, well they are a no-brainer. From rolling tool chests to power tools, I think your wife would agree this is the best place to store them.
  • Sports Equipment

    From balls to helmets, bats, and cleats, storing your sports equipment in the garage free up space in your closets.
  • Lawn Tools

    Most tools used in gardening and for working in the yard are safe to store in your garage. From flowerpots to gardening soil, shovels, and equipment like l weed whackers, don’t forget to keep them stored in a safe manner to avoid accidents.

Overhead Garage Storage Solutions

Now that you have a better idea of what and more importantly what not to store in your garage, did you know that thousands of accidents occur every year from the clutter in the garage?

Keeping your garage free from clutter can be accomplished with overhead garage storage shelves by Affordable Ceiling Storage Racks.

With a passion for perfection, all of our products are guaranteed to last a lifetime, and best of all, no instructions are needed!
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  • Only pay for exactly what you need
  • Guaranteed never to rust and will last a lifetime
  • Lifetime warranty on all products and workmanship 
  • 100% Customizable on-premise overhead ceiling storage racks
  • All parts are Bolted together with an all-metal lock nut that will never break, loosen or rot
  • Each 4x8 Ceiling rack can hold up to 600lbs. evenly distributed
  • 13 gauge galvanized steel framing with a powder-coated steel base making them durable and secure
  • Steel framing for Affordable Ceiling Storage Racks is purchased entirely from steel manufacturers in the USA
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