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Garage Safety Tips in Phoenix, AZ

Safety FirstThousands of accidents occur every year from the clutter in the garage, making it the most common site for household accidents. From slips and falls to bumps and bruises, it’s crucial to inspect your garage to ensure all of your items are safely stored.

Child Safety

Is your garage used for rainy days or as a playroom?

A typical garage is full of heavy objects, sharp tools, and dangerous chemicals. Minimizing the chances of your children or their friends getting hurt while playing in your garage can be remedied by clearing the clutter and organizing your items.

How can I avoid accidents in my garage?

  • Keeping your items stored on shelving units helps eliminate the clutter and safety risks. Affordable Garage Ceiling Racks offers custom garage storage shelves to accommodate any garage layout. From wall mounted wire shelving to heavy-duty shelving units and overhead garage storage racks, avoiding accidents just got easier.
Our overhead garage storage racks can be installed almost anywhere in your garage.
  • Over garage doors
  • Vaulted ceilings
  • Recessed trusses
  • Popcorn ceilings
  • Custom Installations
  • Don’t overload shelves and closets – It’s easy to eliminate the risk of overloading shelving in your garage with our heavy duty shelving units.

    Our Heavy Duty shelving units can hold over 2000 pounds. An average-sized man can easily climb up these shelving units because of the weight they can support.
  • Garage Door Tune-ups are a great way to ensure that your door is functioning properly and all safety measures are in place. Loves Garage Doors offers preventative inspections to keep your door operating efficiently and safely.
  • Dispose of unused chemicals immediately! From paint to hazardous chemicals we recommend that you check online to find a hazardous waste disposal service.
  • Clean car grease from the floor – Car grease is not only an eyesore it’s also a safety hazard as grease creates an environment for slips and falls. From Cat litter and sawdust to commercial cleaning products, no matter how you remedy it, cleaning up the oil ensures no trips to the hospital.
  • Keep sharp objects out of reach! By nature, kids and pets are curious. Rakes, shovels, and hedge trimmers should be stored out of reach to avoid accidents.
  • Unplug power cords after use. Remember, extension cords are for temporary use only. When not actively using them, unplug them from the outlets.
  • Hang your ladders with utility hooks manufactured to support the weight. Accidents from ladders not only occur during use, a 60 lb. Ladder leaned up against a wall is a recipe for disaster.
  • Be prepared for a fire! Conveniently locate a fire extinguisher for easy access.
  • Last but not least, once you park your car in the garage, don’t forget to make sure there is enough space to walk around safely.

Preventive Measures Pay Off

Taking preventive measures to secure your garage and workshop will keep everyone safe, and you have the added benefit of parking in an organized garage!
  • No more tripping over boxes or moving pile after pile to locate an item that got lost in the endless sea of chaos
  • Children or Pets are, by nature, curious, safely keep items out of reach.  
  • Protect your vehicle by parking your car inside your garage and remove the risk of theft or damage while parked outside  
  • Free up your garage space for other uses such as parking your car “inside” the garage, hobby work or even a home business 
  • No more surprises from critters hiding in the boxes on the floor 
  • Gain easy access to your items at any time 

Let Affordable Ceiling Storage Racks help!

At Affordable Ceiling Storage Racks, our garage storage systems were designed by the owner Kevin Reid. With a passion for perfection, all of our products are guaranteed to last a lifetime. Best of all, no instructions are needed!

Organized garage
  • Professional Installation 
  • Only pay for exactly what you need 
  • Guaranteed never to rust and will last a lifetime 
  • Lifetime warranty on all products and workmanship 
  • 100% Customizable on premise overhead ceiling storage racks 
  • All parts are Bolted together with an all-metal lock nut that will never break, loosen or rot 
  • Each 4x8 Ceiling rack can hold up to 600lbs. evenly distributed 
  • 13 gauge galvanized steel framing with a powder-coated steel base making them durable and secure 
  • Steel framing for Affordable Ceiling Storage Racks is purchased entirely from steel manufacturers in the USA

Contact Affordable Ceiling Storage Racks to learn more about how we can help eliminate the hazards of a cluttered garage with our overhead garage storage racks at (480) 452-5418 today.


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Remember all those times that you said you didn’t have time to organize your garage?

Now is a perfect time and Affordable Ceiling Storage Racks can help!

Utilizing the wasted space above your head, our overhead garage storage racks are the perfect way to store all of your items and free up your garage floor!

From seasonal décor to outdoor furniture and camping gear, our garage shelving units will help you take the “B” out of boredom by providing you a tool to easily organize your garage.

Contact Affordable Ceiling Storage Racks in Phoenix, AZ to learn more about our overhead storage racks at (480) 452-5418.

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Affordable Ceiling Storage Racks is great! They installed a couple racks me for and I couldn't be happier with them! Their customer service is wonderful! When I called the gentleman I spoke to was able to answer all of my questions and provide a quote, which was less expensive than competitors. The work was completed very quickly and the cost was exactly as I was quoted, no surprises! Thanks so much for making customer service a priority and taking pride in your work!

- Shannon F.

I would recommend this company. Kevin did a great job installing. He was on time. Very professional. Was able to customize my rack system to fix my needs. I've been shopping other companies and Kevin has the best prices. Very please. Calling him again to install a 24 inch by 96 inch rack to finish off my storage needs.

- Scott M.

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