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Benefits of Garage Storage Racks by Affordable Ceiling Storage Racks

According to energy.gov in 2017, 63% of all housing units have either a garage or a carport. Furthermore, 25% of homeowners with 2-car garages have so much excess clutter in them that they can park their vehicles inside and only 32% of homeowners can only fit one of their cars inside due to clutter.

Garage storage racks from Affordable Ceiling Storage Racks provide space to store all of your items so that you can once again get your car inside your garage. 

From seasonal lawn equipment, such as grass trimmers, hedge trimmers, and chainsaws to holiday décor, storage bins and containers the benefits of overhead ceiling storage racks is about more than freeing up your garage floor.

Advantages of Parking your Car in the Garage

MParking in garageore than just de-cluttering your garage, parking your car inside your garage comes with many benefits including the potentially lower your insurance costs.
  • Keeps your vehicle safe from the elements
  • Protects your car from temperature extremes and Haboob's
  • Reduces the likelihood of theft or vandalism
  • Protects your vehicle from dings and scratches from other cars
  • Keeps the exterior of your car looking great
  • A car stored in a garage can help get you cooler faster in the Phoenix, Arizona heat
  • Some insurance companies offer lower insurance policies for those who store their vehicle in a garage

Benefits of Overhead Garage Shelving Units

  • Overhead Garage Shelving BenefitsFree up your garage space for other uses such as parking your car “inside” the garage, hobby work or even a home business
  • No more surprises from critters hiding in the boxes on the floor
  • Safely keep items out of reach from Children or Pets
  • Did you know that thousands of accidents occur every year from the clutter in the garage? No more tripping over boxes or moving pile after pile to locate an item that got lost in the endless sea of chaos
  • Protect your vehicle by parking your car inside your garage and remove the risk of theft or damage while parked outside
  • Save money by storing your items in your garage and not at a storage facility
  • Organize your belongings and gain easy access to your items at any time
  • Never again fear what your neighbors will see when you open up your garage door. With garage storage racks your garage will always look neat and tidy

Custom Designed Garage Storage Racks

At Affordable Ceiling Storage Racks, our garage rack systems were personally designed by the owner Kevin Reid to provide more than just storage. Kevin spent most of his working life in construction, eventually working with cabinetry and garage ceiling shelves in 2001 where he installed factory made ceiling racks in garages.

Overhead garage ceiling storage
During his stint installing the factory made garage shelving systems Kevin began to realize that there was a better way to design ceiling racks at an affordable price without sacrificing quality.

It may seem simple from the outside looking in, but our design and the way we do things continues to evolve and improve because of Kevin’s commitment to being the best.
  • Professional Installation
  • Only pay for exactly what you need
  • Guaranteed never to rust and will last a lifetime
  • Lifetime warranty on all products and workmanship
  • 100% Customizable on-premise overhead ceiling storage racks
  • All parts are Bolted together with an all-metal lock nut that will never break, loosen or rot
  • Each 4x8 Ceiling rack can hold up to 600lbs. evenly distributed
  • 13 gauge galvanized steel framing with a powder coated steel base making them durable and secure
  • Steel framing for Affordable Ceiling Storage Racks is purchased entirely from steel manufacturers in the USA
With a passion for perfection, all of our products are guaranteed to last a lifetime, and best of all, no instructions are needed as we install them for you!

Overhead Garage Shelving Systems Built On-Site

A family owned and operated business; Affordable Ceiling Storage Racks has been serving the Phoenix Valley plus Prescott, Wickenburg, Maricopa and Florence, AZ since 2011.
With a team of professional installers, our ceiling storage racks are built on-site.
Need a customized storage rack? No problem, we can customize on-site without the need to special order and delay the project.
  • Licensed, bonded and insured (Roc#297021)
  • A+ rating with the BBB
  • 5-star reviews on Yelp and Google Business
To learn more about the benefits of garage storage racks, contact Affordable Ceiling Storage Racks or call (480)452-5418 today.

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Spring is just around the corner!

Spring is quickly approaching and what better time to declutter your garage than now!

Organize your camping gear and get ready to hit the road with our overhead garage storage racks.

Completely customizable, unlike store-bought units, you only pay for what you need and no instructions are needed, we install for you.

Contact Affordable Ceiling Storage Racks to get your spring cleaning started today at (480) 452-5418.

Our garage storage systems can be installed almost anywhere in your garage!

From over garage doors to vaulted ceilings, recessed trusses, popcorn ceilings, and on-premise custom Installation, our ceiling mounted garage storage racks are durable yet affordable.

Our simplified installation process makes it quick, affordable, and headache-free for everyone!

Contact Affordable Ceiling Storage Racks to learn more about our garage hanging storage at (480)452-5418!

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