Our ceiling racks are made of a heavy duty 13 gauge metal. Our ceiling racks are all bolted together,with no rivets. They are also an American made product. The ceiling rack has a six point connection to your ceiling, unlike the 4 connection racks. Thus, giving you more support from your trusses in the ceiling.

Our ceiling racks have a powder coated wire grid bottom and a galvanized heavy duty 13 gauge metal that give you a lifetime warranty. Our ceiling racks have a lip on the edge so your storage items wont fall off during the loading process. We also have heavy duty hooks for additional storage under the ceiling rack or on the side. These ceiling racks can also be mounted to the wall studs for the strongest connection possible.

These ceiling racks will hold 600 lbs.! all of our ceiling racks come with a 100% money back guarantee life time warranty. we charge $219.00 for a 4×8 rack installed. We guarantee the best price and installation in the valley. Unlike our competitors. You can have it all done by us for one low price! We can and will build custom racks to fit any area of your garage. Two ceiling racks installed for 399.00.We have installed thousands of ceiling racks in the valley and have a A+ rating with the BBB.

We guarantee our product and workmanship to provide the best customer care.