It’s easy to fall back into habits that lead to a cluttered and unorganized home. By re-evaluating accumulated stuff in your garage often and getting rid of items that you do not need or use will keep your home organized and clean.

Just because you have a minimal amount of space in your garage doesn’t mean you have to live uncomfortably. There are plenty of organizing options that will work great for your lifestyle and your budget.


If you are in a good state of mind and you make a decision right away don’t go back on it. Try hard not to give things a second thought. This will keep you from over thinking and save you from becoming emotionally exhausted. Chances are you really don’t need it and you are just coming up with excuses not to organize your garage.

Don’t be a prisoner to the burden of clutter in your garage. Start with something small and you will find yourself rising out of the mounds and piles to cross the finish line!


Do you need a place for your Christmas items or camping gear? Do you seem to have piles of “stuff” sitting in the corner of your garage? If this is you here are a few tips and tricks to create organized drop zones for your things.

What is an organized drop zone? An organized drop zone is a space you create for your random items to be quickly and easily placed out of the way in a tidy manner.